Go Radio: Lucky Street

After forming in 2007, Go Radio was quick to begin recording their first EP. The next year, the band released their first EP, Welcome To Life, which earned them the chance to sign with Fearless Records, where they remain today. After one more EP, Go Radio started work on their first full-length release, Lucky Street, which was released on March 1.

When listening to the album, it was easy to spot their influences from bands that they have toured with including The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, A Day To Remember and A Rocket To The Moon. While they had some elements in common with these bands, their mixture of these genres was unique. Some songs sounded like they came from a strictly pop group. “Why I’m Home,” was a slow song, with strings and piano only and “Hold On” was a mostly acoustic song. Go Radio changed up their styles and dynamics within the record, while still staying true to their pop-punk roots. With some pop-punk bands, each song begins to mesh into what sounds like the same song spanning across the whole album, but Go Radio expertly avoids this trap.

For a debut, I was impressed with Lucky Street. The changes in dynamics, styles and speeds made it interesting until the very end. Maybe it comes from the band’s members past experience in groups including Mayday Parade and Carawae, but it was definitely an aspect of this band that I enjoyed. I’m expecting even more from this promising band in the future.

In A Word: Potential