The Fearless Friends Tour: …There Will Be Punk

From metal, classic rock, pop and even crunk, under the guiding hand of Fearless Records, punk will go to some awesome places. In keeping with their vigorous role in the punk community, Fearless Records is taking punk around the country via the Fearless Friends Tour. Names like Artist vs. Poet, Every Avenue, Mayday Parade, Breathe Caroline, The Victorious Secrets and Go Radio have already been confirmed and so far this tour is looking so good.

One need only look at the various punk forums around the web to read deep, thought provoking comments like “OMG, [all the] bands on this tour are my favorites.” A huge amount of rightfully earned hype is surrounding this towering leviathan of a bill. Besides the great line-up, the best part is that this group of fearless friends is going everywhere, from Connecticut to California; no state is getting the short end of the stick. Jersey also gets a piece of this delicious punk pie on Oct. 15 at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville. All ages, tickets are $17 advance and $19 at the door. 5 p.m.