The Clutters: Breaking Bones

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee is the rock group The Clutters. While not the most household name, the foursome has been around for more than a decade and with smooth guitars and an above average vocalist, they are an interesting band. Their third album, Breaking Bones, will be released on May 10.

“Finer Things” is the leadoff track and you can tell from this song alone that the band has a badass rock ‘n’ roll theme. Call me crazy but vocalist/guitarist Doug Lehmann sounds like Jack White. The music shifts into a more electronic direction with “Under Suspicion.” The sound gets a bit lighter but Doug’s voice really starts to stretch out, as he crisply screams throughout some of it. Much of the same can be said for “I’m Bitter.”

“I Wanna Be Known” is arguably the best overall track. The vocals are similar to the others but midway through, the guitars come through with some great riffs and Stephanie Brush bangs out some furious drums. The melody speeds up on “Run,” which contains a pretty awesome guitar solo. Keyboards are put into focus on this song, in addition to “Not Tonight.” The closing track, “There Is No We In I,” seems to blend much of the other tunes into one.

I’m surprised that this band has not received much recognition. This disc is one of the better ones I have come across recently and I will be listening to more of their music following this release.

In A Word: Splendid