The Droves: Out Of Herself

Starting with the pop love song, “Mackenzie,” The Droves are out to a strong start for Out Of Herself. In contrast, “Plexi And Tandem” is mellower and lost my attention. In “Sheila” there is a slight Interpol feel in the vocals provided by Christian Gibbs, which caught my interest right back. Again contrasting against the previous two tracks, “All Lies Begin With I,” is a bit more in your face, darker yet upbeat vibe. “Tiny Skin” keeps the current theme of darker, broody vocal style and lyrics.

The second half of the album starts with “Agatha,” which has a funky rock beat that picks up during the chorus with some fun sexual undertones. “Dying Fits Of Laughter” is perfect for those who have had anxiety attacks, or depressive period and are just waiting for the final straw that detonates rage. Hands down, “Dying Fits Of Laughter” is my favorite track off Out Of Herself. The song that the album is named after can be interpreted as someone losing what makes them unique. “Wasted” puts emphasis on that after trying a bunch of different treatments.

The song leading into the album’s finale, “Better Than You,” has an alternative country feel that make it my least favorite off of this piece. And for the finale, “Then They Were Three” is strictly instrumental that sounds like it could have been featured as end credits in a James Bond type movie. Out Of Herself, starts off strong and ends strong despite a few minor bumps in between.

In A Word: Rad