The Journeys Backyard Barbeque Tour: Hot Dogs, Hamburgers And Punk

Post-punk, power-punk, and more punk! The Journeys Backyard Barbeque Tour is celebrating its seventh year, featuring the best punk bands around. With artists like Sparks The Rescue and New Found Glory, the concert also features the best live artists who compete in a Battle of the Bands competition. The winners are decided by fans and receive a multitude of prizes. In between sets, live BMX and skateboard demos are will take place on what is described as an “alternative sports playground.”

This year’s competition will feature local bands including Somersault Sunday, an electro pop-rock solo project, Catch The Mouse, an experimental rock group from Point Pleasant and Like The Stars, an alternative rock band also from Point Pleasant. To catch the greatest indie punk bands in the area, along with some of pop-rock’s most influential bands, be sure to check out Woodbridge Center’s southeast parking lot on Saturday, May 21. The event is completely free!