Agency Of Record: The Purchase Of Time And Space

A lot can be said about a band simply by looking at their album art. With Agency Of Record’s artwork for The Purchase Of Time And Space, I had a feeling that I’d be in for a ride. What type of ride I wasn’t sure.

Overall the album was pretty solid and sounded like it could have been straight out of the ‘90s. The listener can hear the influences ranging from Nirvana to System Of A Down in some of Agency Of Record’s songs. The release starts off with “Disco Disco,” which is fast, in your face and will get your adrenaline pumping. In contrast to the fast-paced first track, “Paper Solace” is full of ballady goodness that has a bit of a Sunny Day Real Estate feel to it. Picking the pace back up, “Quirck” has harder hits and semi-rapped over vocals, which all lead into a decent breakdown.

And again, the tone of the album switches gears with “Span.” This song is probably my favorite cut off of this release, with “Paper Solace” coming in at a close second. Changing directions again, “Without” brings back the ‘90s vibe to close out The Purchase Of Time And Space. Finally to close out the album, a radio edit of “Disco Disco” was added to the disc.

In A Word: ‘90s