Maria Mar’s Local Radar: The Elephant In The Room & Agency Of Record

Locals, we meet again. I always get excited knowing that warm weather is just around the corner. It’s always so much more motivating to get off our butts and get out to some shows when it’s not 17 degrees outside, you know what I’m saying? Plus, venues open up their doors, have shows outside, the whole atmosphere is just better all around! I’ve been writing about some really awesome bands lately, trying to switch up the vibe and genre week to week, keeping your playlists as eclectic as possible! Believe it or not, I actually do read the messages you all send me on social outlets, and this is how I discovered the bands I am writing about today. I may not have heard of them before, but now, they are on my radar, and making a name for themselves! It’s essential. To be honest, if you think you can avoid taking advantage of social media for your band, you’re somewhat misguided. This is how new and current fans will get to know you, find out when you’re playing shows, and follow your careers. Being functional on your social networks is not about spamming and flooding your fans; it’s about updating and amusing them. From a simple tweet or Facebook tag, it’s amazing what you can notice and how many messages you can get across on multiple platforms! On that note, please allow me to introduce to you The Elephant In The Room and Agency Of Record.

First, let’s talk about The Elephant In The Room. Everyone at some point in his or her life has used this saying, just maybe not in the context of a band. I instantly was intrigued when I received a tweet from them, because the name made me smile. I am not sure of the backstory as to why they decided to choose this as their title, but that is irrelevant. It’s catchy, it stuck, and it stands out amongst the rest. They are a “rock/progressive/pop” band from New Jersey with members including Alfred, Joseph, Greg, and Jared. Now, if you’re wondering who they sound like, I really cannot pinpoint one specific influence, for they seem to blend a plethora of sounds and familiar rhythms. I first took a listen to track “Neither Here Or There,” and was totally digging it. It has a positive message and heavy drums in the chorus. I could definitely picture this song being somewhat of an anthem track for these guys, having fans scream and chant that they want to hear this one at live shows. I was then intrigued by the track “Tim Burton” for obvious reasons, and was very pleased. This one is a little heavier, really showing their range as musicians. The singer has a distinct voice, the group has a pretty distinct sound, and you can tell they love to make music. Although I have only heard their four-song EP, it definitely displays the talent and versatility they have as a four-piece. Musicianship, admirable songwriting, hooks, communally mindful lyrics, control, fun… this disc really does have it all. Check them out sooner than later, for you can find them on any social media outlet imaginable. After all, that’s how I found out about them! Thanks for sending me a tweet you guys, here is to a long-lasting friendship!

I also found out about Bergen County’s Agency Of Record through a simple tweet they sent me. I’d heard the name tossed around from a group called The Amboys that have previously been spotlighted in my Radar, and maybe they are friends or just “social buddies.” Either way, I am glad I found them! Their album The Purchase Of Time And Space is a real catchy product, and they are in the process of sending me their newest material, which I cannot wait to check out. They’ve been active in the local scene since about 2007, and it’s evident that they aren’t trying to do anything crazy or extraordinary that is going to get people talking; they simply want to continue to make real, raw, rock ‘n’ roll for the pure love and passion of it. A personal favorite is a track I have been blasting called “Disco Disco,” for it’s extremely catchy. I also love “Without,” as there’s a totally different vibe on this one. They enjoy playing live shows, and it seems like they have a solid, dedicated fanbase on the local front. They network themselves properly, and prove that all it takes is a little time and energy. Like everything else about the music business, it’s not some kind of rocket science formula that you need to spend years figuring out; it’s just hard, dedicated work. I can tell by one simple tweet they sent me that they consider each fan that they gain to be important. Their fans then started recommending them to me as well, which just goes to show how word of mouth can work when people really like your music. I feel that Agency Of Record will have a long, successful career, whether it’s for a living or for the love of music. Check out their new music coming soon!

So there you have it, two awesome bands, completely different in sound, that I found out about simply through social media outlets. Who knows, someone from a major label, another publication, or even a radio station could stumble upon your music and possibly give you your next big break without you even trying! So you may ask yourself, “Which outlet should I use?” Heck, I say all of them! The easier you make it for people to discover your band and music online, the better. I cannot tell you how many times groups have sent me CDs, and I cannot find them anywhere to gain more information, so it somewhat falls through the cracks. In this day and age, people want instant gratification, and it’s simple to give it to them. These two bands illustrate the significance of uploading tracks for their fans, as it not only aids them in increasing exposure, but it will make fans more willing to take a chance because they can somewhat “take a taste through a sample before they buy the whole product.” Check out both of these groups, hit up one of their shows, and keep spreading the local love. I will continue to do my part of keeping you up-to-date week to week as to who and what is on my radar!