In all honesty, there are very few female vocalists I actually enjoy. Janet Simpson has found her way onto this list. Simpson’s voice seems to have a hint of Alanis Morissette, minus the yodeling, which is why I think I found her so enjoyable. Delicate Cutters’ album, Some Creatures starts with “Picture Of Health,” which has light instrumentals but semi-grim lyrics.

“Los Angeles” is full of ballady goodness and beautiful fiddle playing. In contrast to the melancholy tracks, “Me And The Birds” is lighter and Simpson shows off her vocal range. A seemingly carefree tune, “Let’s Be Free” is both romantic yet still melancholy.

The second part of the album seems to be a bit more upbeat, at least instrumentally. “Dirt,” contains a chilling vocal performance with your standard folky, alternative rock instrumentals to back it up. A generally more summery song, “Warm Beer And Sympathy” has become my favorite track off of the release. Bringing the mood down again, “Lovers, Don’t Leap” is rather slow and somber. A more upbeat country vibe is brought by “May As Well.” “Some Creatures” starts out with a metronome type loop, which plays for the majority of the track.

Overall, the album was enjoyable even though most of the songs on the Some Creatures evoke a sad mood. The vocals on the release are simply beautiful as well as the instrumentals; with this release Delicate Creatures are setting the bar.

In A Word: Lovely


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  1. shawn

    There are few female vocalists you actually enjoy? What! I’m baffled by such a ridiculous statement. If you haven’t listened to enough music to even name 20 great female singers you love, please go out and educate yourself about pop/rock/folk/etc. music before writing another music “review.” That’s like writing a baseball blog and stating that you really aren’t aware of too many great centerfielders. Come on, man.


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