Hailing from Birmingham, Delicate Cutters are a band with heavy influences in folk and country music, led by front maiden, Janet Elizabeth Simpson. This year they will be releasing their third studio album, Ring, via Skybucket Records. Being that this record is a pretty smooth listen, giving it a rundown is no difficult task.

Although Delicate Cutters seem to follow the folk/country style, mainly with the first track, “Where The Cottonmouths Hung,” it has a bit of a Western influence to it. There is a creepy toned whistle towards the end that is emphasized nicely. Vocals throughout the release are totally fitting for the mood set by the music.

Simpson has a certain darkness to her voice that allows her to carry a style that brings out the art of her singing. One outstanding aspect would be the amount of fiddle added to the songs. This instrument fittingly allows the record to bounce in between folk and country. It’s played in a more straightforward way, lending itself to folk while higher pitches allow it to push toward country at the same time.

“Rattling From Our Cages” is a song that is nothing short of epic, even though it contains a quiet mandolin. The dynamics of adding small layers to their sound is something that not all bands try to experiment with these days. A lot of space is left for growth with this group, which is always a positive thing, as it may leave fans waiting for new sounds as they progress in their careers. Showing much promise as it is already, Ring could possibly be one of those albums that brings the band to the next level.

In A Word: Soft

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