Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s self-titled release has a fairly psychedelic rock feel to it. “FFunny FFrends,” has a catchy instrumental loop that quickly gets stuck in the listener’s head, making it an easy to remember song. In comparison to the first track, “Bicycle” has fairly basic rock feel to it but its uniqueness lies in the vocal delivery and style. The album looses its psychedelic feel for a brief moment on “Thought Ballune,” which has a classic rock, almost Beatles-like sound to it. Keeping with the same vibe, but with a slight funk twist, “Jello And Juggernauts” just might make it onto your favorite rock station in the future. The fifth track on the album, “How Can You Luv Me” brings out a grim emotion yet it’s very relatable depending how the listener interprets what is being said.

Bringing back the psychedelic tone to the release with an interesting guitar tone, “Nerve Damage!” is in the listener’s face with a sound that is punk but not at the same time, and I’d have to say it is my favorite piece off of this release. In contrast to that heavy tune, “Little Blu House” is pretty catchy and generally provides a good feeling. “Strangers Are Strange” has an interesting vocal delivery and great instrumentals. The final track off of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, “Boy Witch” uses some nature sounds, like birds, throughout the cut to add an almost freeing vibe to end out the album.

In A Word: Different