Moving Mountains: Waves

Moving Mountains’ Triple Crown Records debut, Waves, has a sound that is full of traces of post-rock from the early 2000s. From the start, the listener is captured by Moving Mountains’ post-hardcore cut “My Life Is Like A Chase Dream (And I’m Still Having Chase Dreams).” “Where Two Bodies Lie” keeps up with the post-hardcore sound but has a hint of fear embedded into it. “Tired Tiger” is overall haunting, from the despair filled vocals to the instrumentals. With a slight contrast from the previous three tracks, “The Cascade,” has a more upbeat feel but again a darker tone in the lyrics, which fits with “Once Rendering,” seeing how it has an overall grim feel.

Through storytelling, “Always Only For Me,” brings screams, softly sung vocals and hard-hitting instrumentals together to start off the second half of Waves. “Alleviate,” is catchy, upbeat and adds strength to the already strong release. Changing the tune, “Parts In Different Places,” has somber and soft vocals, which build up to an explosion of drums and louder, harder vocals. “Furnace Woods” gears the listener up for the album’s close with tribal drum beats here and there as well as vivid lyrics. “Full Circle” brings the album full circle with lyrics that could be illustrating the loss of respect for someone that was once deemed trustworthy and reliable and the realization of those facts. Waves is a fantastic offering for this very talented band.

In A Word: Incredible