Bowery Beasts: Heavy You

“He Was Your First Tattoo” introduces the listener to the duo that makes up Bowery Beasts with an indie-pop drum beat and droning vocals, elements that would be perfect for an ‘80s hair metal band but still works in this context. In contrast to the indie pop sound of the first track, “White Diamond Babe” has a bit of a harder sound, especially in the instrumentals, and even the lyrics can be interpreted as a step up on the maturity scale. Coming back with more of a classic rock mixed with modern alternative feel, “Young Rockers” is pretty catchy.

“Amulet” slows down and adds a downcast feeling onto what once was an upbeat, feel good EP. However, in “Amulet” the listener can really feel the emotion that is being expressed and even the imagery through lyrics is a nice touch to this well-written ballad. Closing out the Heavy You is “Rock N Roll Queen,” another ballad that seems to reflect on what it’s like to live in California. The instrumentals have a very nostalgic feel to it, which put it at an advantage or disadvantage depending on who is listening to this release; a person might start to think back at their life.

In A Word: Grungdey