Crossfade: We All Bleed

It’s been quite a ride for the rock band Crossfade. After their self-titled debut album went platinum, their follow up, Falling Away, didn’t sell nearly as well. This resulted in the band getting dropped from Columbia Records and sent lead singer Ed Sloan into a depression. But in came Eleven Seven Music, offering them a deal, to which they accepted. The group will now be releasing their third album, We All Bleed, on June 21.

“Dead Memories” is the first listing and it is a bit strange. The first 30 seconds of the song sounds pretty similar to Alter Bridge’s hit “One Day Remains.” After that, it comes into its own as a hard rock introduction track. The first single, “Killing Me Inside” is a dark, melancholic song. The next title, “Prove You Wrong,” follows along the same path, describing how Sloan can’t keep it together but there will eventually be a light at the end of the tunnel.

While it is mainly a gloomy, soft track, the guitars on “Lay Me Down” are simply jaw dropping. I don’t know where “I Think You Should Know” came from, but it seems to be way to light in comparison to other songs present. The band shifts from being emotional to angry on “We All Bleed,” which is one of the better songs on the CD. The 10-minute, hard-hitting track “Make Me A Believer” rounds out the disc.

On the whole, the album is quite enjoyable. But if you’re looking for great songs like their 2004 smash hit, “Cold,” they are noticeably absent.

In A Word: Passable