Freedom Call: Live In Hellvetia

The German power metal band Freedom Call has not garnered much recognition here in the U.S., but they’re truly a very talented group. They feature smooth guitars, English vocals and lightning fast drums. Their style is so uplifting and cheery that it makes you feel like you can conquer the world. Their new release, Live In Hellvetia, contains two DVDs and two CDs.

The first DVD features a two-hour long concert from Switzerland. It is shot very well and some of their biggest hits are included. “We Are One” kicks off the disc and you can tell right from the start that the group is incredibly gifted. Chris Bay’s voice is so remarkable, and with fast guitar riffs, including an outstanding solo, it goes together flawlessly. Bay routinely gets the crowd to participate on “United Alliance,” perhaps a bit too much, though it’s still an intriguing rendition.

For the most part, “Queen Of My World” is not as upbeat as some of the other songs, but when it comes time for the chorus, it’s epic. Bay gets on the keyboards for “Merlin-Requiem” while being accompanied by a young, female violinist before the band returns to their usual metal stylings on “Merlin-Legend Of The Past.” Other noteworthy songs included are “The Quest Warriors,” “Freedom Call” and “Hymn To The Brave.” The 20-song set is split into two, 10 track CDs. The second DVD, A Perfect Day In The Life Of Freedom Call, has interviews, rehearsals and an eight-song performance from the band at Raismes Fest in France.

Having never seen Freedom Call live, this was a great alternative. These guys can certainly put on a show and this four-disc collection is one to own.

In A Word: Stellar