Molly Hatchet: Greatest Hits II – The South Has Risen Again

Southern rockers Molly Hatchet are back at it again with their new collection, Greatest Hits II – The South Has Risen Again. The group has been active since 1975 and they are known for some of rock’s most popular songs, such as their smash hit “Flirtin’ With Disaster.” Founded by rock and roll hall of famer Dave Hlubek, this greatest hits compilation features songs from their original vocalist, Danny Joe Brown as well as their current vocalist Phil McCormack.

Disc one of two kicks off with the guitar heavy “Son Of The South.” Phil doesn’t overly impress here, but he does seem to fit the style. Representing their pride for the nation, “Heart Of The USA” and “American Pride” are awesome southern rock tracks. The piano driven “Fall Of The Peacemakers” might be one of the most tranquil songs I’ve listened to, and the smooth guitars make you feel like you are going to conquer a new land. Other notable listings on the 14-track CD are “Devil’s Canyon” and “World Of Trouble.”

The second disc contains nine live songs, including the previously unreleased “Sacred Ground.” This CD is where you get to hear their most famous works, including great performances from Hamburg, Germany as they play “Flirtin’ With Disaster,” “Dreams I’ll Never See” and “The Creaper.” This is a splendid two-disc set, and saying that I was impressed is a vast understatement. This will not disappoint any rock fan.

In A Word: Pleasing