Duff McKagan’s Loaded: Special ‘Sick’ Edition – CD & DVD

Last month Eagle Rock Entertainment’s Armoury Records re-released Loaded’s 2009 album, Sick, in a special edition set. The double-disc package includes a CD with bonus singles, “Roll Away” and an acoustic version of “Wasted Heart.” The 94-minute additional DVD features the band performing at The Garage in Glasgow, U.K., filmed on September 22, 2008, with added tracks, a promo video for “No More,” and webisodes that the band shot while they were recording in the Jupiter Studio.

Loaded kicks off with “Sick,” providing the listener with heavy metal guitar riffs and hard-hitting drums. Next is “Sleaze Factory,” which is a down and dirty rock anthem, introducing backing vocals from Mike Squires who offers a fire-like rhythm guitar. To me, Duff’s voice resembles Axl Rose on this song, which I never would have thought before. Overall, it’s one of the best songs on the record. While “The Slide” introduces punk-rock characteristics, “Translucent” changes up the mood for a few minutes as bassist and back-up singer Jeff Rousse, comes front and center, singing lead vocals on this easygoing, upbeat rock track. Slowing the album down a bit is “Mother’s Day” where McKagan’s voice resembles a light-spoken Lou Reed. As the record comes to a close, “No Shame” offers revitalization.

After listening to the entire album, I recognized almost every song has some influential attributes. McKagan succeeds as a lead singer supplying each song with simple hooks, surviving like a chameleon with the ability to blend in every type of rock genre whether it be punk, metal, alternative or grunge, he emulates styles from Guns ‘N’ Roses, to The Rolling Stones, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed or the Ramones.

In A Word: Solid