The Aviation Orange: East Of Here

The Aviation Orange’s East Of Here reminded me of Minus The Bear, with the elegance of the vocals and the cleanliness of the instruments. The Brooklyn-based band seems to bring a bit of Southern California to the East Coast with their sound. However, it seems to be a bit too mellow for a midday listen.

“Trammels” is calming and relaxing with its “oh ohs,” yet it is also sleep-inducing. The title track has more of an upbeat and vibe, which will wake the listener up a bit more after the first track. Specifically, “Ingenuous Us” and “Sunrise Sunset” are two tunes I’d put on a summer mix CD. “Ingenuous Us” brings a different approach to the laid-back sound produced by the first cut. It is slightly hooky because due to the use of the keyboard and the whimsical tone in the vocals. As far as “Sunrise Sunset” is concerned it is one of the stronger songs on East Of Here; it acts as the extra shot of caffeine needed to wake the listener up. “On A Beach” brings a different approach to the ballad as far as the way it sounds. Although romantic in sound, the lyrics seem to suggest the opposite. The high-pitched tone produced by the guitar adds a bit of unpleasantness to the track, which works well with the message being conveyed. The final piece on the release, “Etch A Postcard,” brings the album to an end on a strong note to counteract the spell the beginning of the release put over me. “Etch A Postcard” is the romantic ditty to break away from any added bitterness.

Although East Of Here rubbed me the wrong way in the beginning, it found its way to my good side by the end. If it doesn’t set with you at first, give it another shot. You might be surprised with how your feelings change.

In A Word: Sleepy