Ripface Invasion: Ripface Invasion

Ripface Invasion is a punk/hardcore band made up of veterans of the punk scene who have played in bands such as Agents Of Man, IDK and One 4 One. The whole EP is full of merciless drums, sharp guitar licks and bass grooves, which brings back the days of when there was a punk show at a local hall almost on a weekly basis. The album leans towards to concept of a world the apocalypse.

Ripface Invasion starts out with “Doomsday A.D. (Intro),” which sounds like a television or radio broadcast to post-apocalyptic world. The track itself is dark and could be scored in the next mutant zombie attack movie. “The Last One On Earth” is heroic, loud and in your face. Overall, the song gives off the impression that a new world is beginning as far as the album goes. The equally brash, “Ripface Attack” is the fight song of the release; it is the never say die and don’t go down without a fight, angsty track that falls somewhere in most albums. “Horrortech” describes the villain and how horrible it is. Musically, it has all the elements to be a chase song if Ripface Invasion were to be made into a movie. And to bring Ripface Invasion to a close, “God-fearing Mutants” has heavier guitar tones takes back control for mankind.

In A Word: Good