Life On Repeat: Struggle + Sleep

The title track kick starts Struggle + Sleep with pent up aggression and a message about getting one’s life back. The song is incredibly catchy, much like the rest of the album. “The Waiting Game” is exactly what the title implies. The melodies are hooky and the lyrics are relatable. The third track on the album, “The Need, Not The Cause” starts with a robotic sounding breakdown and keeps that tone instrumentally. This cut has a strong leaning towards the need to make a change to the problems in the world. Bringing some bitter sweetness to the release, “Southern Girls” identifies the fact that sometimes through breakups people become stronger and varies between a poppier sound and a post-hardcore one. “Rock The Boat” doesn’t stand out much until about halfway through the tune, when it picks up.

The second half of the album starts off on a unique foot. “Feet Under” starts out with more of a sexy and slick classic rock sound. “Layover Letdown” truly exposes Pat Purves’ vocal talent. “Sinking” is the ‘I’m getting over you even though this sucks’ tune of the disc. What really caught me about the song was the effects on the guitar. The acoustic ballad, “Without You Here” is romantic, nostalgic and heartbreaking at the same time despite the regrettable use of some clichés. Finally, “Wide Awake” brings the sour, it’s time to move on taste to close the album down.

Even though all the songs on this album blend into one giant piece full of heartbreak and pain, Struggle + Sleep still has moments of power.