Theory Of A Deadman: The Truth Is…

Led by singer/guitarist Tyler Connolly, Theory Of A Deadman have launched themselves into becoming one of biggest up and coming bands in North America. Since being recognized outside of their native Canada, they have had many successful songs such as “Bad Girlfriend,” “Little Smirk” and “Hate My Life.” Their fourth album, The Truth Is…, was released on July 12.

With its hick-like lyrics, the beer drinking, gun toting “Lowlife” starts out the disc. It’s one of the hardest tracks on the CD as well as one of the catchiest. The second listing, “Bitch Came Back,” starts out a little sluggish before it turns into a pleasant rock song. Deborah Lurie, who has provided string arrangements for bands like Creed and Papa Roach, makes “Hurricane” a very remarkable and complex tune.

Connolly really sings his heart out on “Out Of My Head” and “Gentleman,” though his mood changes greatly between the two. While it is the name of the album, there are better hits here than the title track. The ninth song, “Drag Me To Hell,” features explosive drums from Joey Dandeneau, and combined with the guitar solo, this an awesome track. While Tyler exclaims on “What Was I Thinking” that he has numerous houses and women just waiting to be with him, the only thing he wants is one special person. The disc rounds out with the very emotional “Easy To Love You” and “We Were Men.” There are a few very good songs presented here, though there are also some below-average ones. What is inspiring, however, is that the music is very melodic and diverse.

In A Word: Nice