The Front Bottoms: The Front Bottoms

The duo that makes up Bergen County’s The Front Bottoms have an indie-pop sound similar to that of Piebald with the vocal style of Say Anything. Right out of the gate, “Flashlight” gives the listener the bittersweet taste of a romance gone wrong, however it is done over an optimistic beat. “Maps” includes an orchestral sound and paints a picture of time ticking away, while guiding one on a journey. In two minutes and five seconds, “Looking Like You Just Woke Up” packs a punch with the heartache theme. Both “Mountain” and “The Beers” reflect on a past summer. “Mountain” would be the song one would listen to while relaxing in a backyard whereas “The Beers” would amp people up for another great evening.

Adding a touch of creepiness, “Father” tells the story of man killing his father and finding comfort in a lover’s bed. The clean instruments in “Swimming Pool” help to convey the amorous feeling at the beginning of the track, but the angry voicemail and sporadic key smashing adds chaos. “Bathtub” provides the listener with the assurance that it is okay to cleanse oneself of their past. With a hooky guitar, an ‘80s-inspired synth line and simple keys “Legit Tattoo Gun” starts to bring the album to a close. Finally, “Hooped Earrings” begins with another voicemail and a feeling of a quest being brought on. Eventually, another voicemail is played and the tune takes a turn for the dark side, complete with tribal ‘hoo-has’ and drums. For a debut album I was impressed with how each track sounded like it could have been written for you by your best friend.

In A Word: Impressive