Iwrestledabearonce: Ruining It For Everybody

Iwrestledabearonce have come a long way, never holding back, never following the rules, yet have found their belonging in this catchier than ever, most organized album to date, titled Ruining It For Everybody.

Electronic gaming music starts off the first few seconds of their first track, “Next Visible Delicious,” as it soon turns into staccato screams and metalcore breakdowns with bits of jazz fusion and synthesizers that work to compliment the first 2:40. In the midst of their single, “You Know That Ain’t Them Dogs’ Real Voices,” the musicians play off a goulish surf-rock tune, which makes the song stand out. “Deodorant Can’t Fix Ugly” begins with power metal and doses of hard rock vibes with flickering guitar effects for the first half. The second half takes you to another place as Krysta Cameron sings, “Fight fire with fire,” with a choir backing her up. Just at the right tempo is “Break It Down Camacho” as Cameron sings, sweetly layering it with gore growls. “I’m Gonna Shoot” starts off melodically, with drums building, transforming it into a mix of hardcore and synthpop.

Guitars drive “Karate Nipples” bringing on a progressive metal side. Then the song takes on disco, funk and grindcore. Just as we thought they’ve done everything, they bring on electronic alarms and what sounds like war machines firing off. Finally, telling girls to “Button It Up,” the quintet gives the listener everything they’ve got with excessive breakdowns and ironic synthplay.

In A Word: Genius