The Real Tuesday Werewolf: The Last Werewolf

The Real Tuesday Weld has provided soundtracks for various books, movies and television shows. Their most recent album, The Last Werewolf, is the soundtrack for Glen Duncan’s novel of the same name. The release varies between spoken word tracks and songs. Each cut seems to have a specific genre it coincides with. For example, “Wolfman” is full of scratchy vocals with a jazz backbeat whereas “Love Lust Money” brings more of an ambient trance, sexed-up feel to the release. There are also tracks that give the listener a taste of what the book is about and are no longer than a minute long each.

Throughout The Last Werewolf, I began feeling some sort of sympathy for the Wolfman, named Jake Marlowe in the book. “The Ghosts” has a lullaby-like sound to it and reminds the listener that the past is always going to be there. In contrast to “The Ghosts,” “The Hunt” is full of anger and rage, with a swinging vibe to get the blood boiling. An upbeat vibe is evident in “You’re Going To Live” through its pop feel and positive imagery.

The Real Tuesday Weld seemed to really get into the book and make sure that each piece of the release fit the mood that Glen Duncan was trying to set.

In A Word: Interesting