Ov Vey: Botanical Curiosity

Electronic power pop duo Oy Vey will take the listener on a ride that they won’t soon forget with their debut album, Botanical Curiosity. With most of the songs being highly energized, the band throw in a few mellower tracks so the listener has a chance to wipe the sweat from their foreheads and rehydrate before starting up again.

“Astronauta” starts the release with a spacey, video game-like feel with the laser and star-falling sound effects. In contrast to the sci-fi feel, “White Lies” and “The Verge” both are explosions of energy and catchy hooks. Keeping true to its name, “Soft Light” begins with a mellow guitar riff and keys, which lead into a constant up-tempo drum beat yet the tune still remains on the relaxed side. Throughout the album the harmonies between Kevin Corcoran and Bryce Aubery, are nothing short of impressive. A dark mood is set with “Fox Lorber.” Again, this track sounds like it could have been out of a video game, perhaps an early version of Mega Man. Stripping down to the basics, “Barcelona” provides the strongest vocal performance on Botanical Curiosity. Keeping with the bare minimum, “In The Night” brings on the notion of a failed relationship and questions left unanswered. This particular song reminded me of Weezer. And closing out Botanical Curiosity, “End Of The Party” captures the essence of what the ending of a party is and leaves you longing for the next one.

Overall Oy Vey mixes electronic bands like MGMT with alternative bands like Weezer and puts their own spin on the sound to breathe a breath of fresh air into this summer’s releases.

In A Word: Fresh