Wiretree: Make Up

Formed as a solo project by singer/songwriter Kevin Peroni, the indie rock band Wiretree comes to us from Austin, TX. After Peroni released his first full-length album, Bouldin, he decided to go out and recruit a few new band members. Kevin is now accompanied by Joshua Kaplan on guitar, Rachel Peroni on bass and drummer Daniel Blanchard. Wiretree’s new LP, Make Up, will be released on Sept. 6.

With sweet-sounding cymbal hits along with Rachel’s smooth bass line, “Make Up” gets the album off on a good foot. The following track, “Broken Foot,” is toned-down a little, but the electric guitars delivered by Joshua and Kevin certainly make this short tune stand out. “Tinyhearts” is more melodic than some of the other songs here as Kevin delivers a nice piano-driven melody in addition to mixing in an acoustic guitar. Describing a relationship, the emotional “Tonight” is one of the better songs.

Things start to get interesting with “The Shore.” The music sounds nearly identical to the Green Day hit “Holiday.” I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but I was really shocked to hear how much they sounded alike throughout all of the two and a half minutes. While singing about just wanting to be with that special person, “MTH” is arguably the best and most diverse track on the disc.

I was fairly impressed with the new album. From start to end it’s like going through a bunch of emotions while some very harmonious music is played. If you’re looking for a soft pop/rock album for easy listening, look no further than this one.

In A Word: Pleasing