Nurses: Dracula

Nurses’ follow up to their 2009 release Apple’s Acre brings the band into a new light. “Fever Dreams” starts off the release with a spacey motif that is enhanced with the heavy bass and gives the listener a chance to get used to distant vocals. The space theme is built off of “You Lookin Twice’,” which brings the escape motif to the album while robotic keys loop in the background, and “Extra Fast,” which despite the cut’s name, is pretty slow. The beginning of the third track sounds fairly mechanical, similar to the sounds that you’d expect from a factory, just more electronic and danceable. Switching gears, “Trying To Reach You” brings a doo-wop feel into the modern era. The snaps, claps and ‘woah oh ohs’ reinforce the old school feel as well as the classy arrangement of the instruments.

Dracula cleans up a bit in “Wouldn’t Tell” and “Dancing Grass.” The eighth song has more of a rock sound compared to the psychedelic and spacey rest of the album. The vocals are also not as distorted and are much cleaner and catchier. “Dancing Grass” has more of a unison song feel to it despite the overused shop bell in the beginning, which started to get a bit annoying. The final track, “Eternal Thrills,” brings back the distorted vocals and mellowness and leans towards the ideal of acceptance with a Latin jazz flavor.

In A Word: Flavorful