Jimmy Dasher @ The Waiting Game

The album begins with, “Six In The Back,” which is basically a cover of Bill Withers’ “Lean On Me.” However, Dasher puts a spin on the cover by adding in layers of guitar leads to the keyboard part that makes the song so well-known.

A glockenspiel starts off Dasher’s single, “Square One,” as he sings softly and calmly with easy jazz beats and guitar, which picks up the songs movement.

Changing it up is “Three In The Front,” a bluegrass tune with fiddle, lap steel and harmonica that rips through the mix. “You Say You See Me” starts off with a bluesy guitar riff as Dasher sings the line, “You say you see me/But I can’t see me” with a soulful timbre. This song has some punch to it and will grasp your attention till the end.

“Wishing I Was In Heaven” reminds me of Robert Plant’s solo work with Band Of Joy. It’s dirty ole country-blues with riffs almost good enough for Jimmy Page to have written them himself. “We Should Get Hitched” is a short and sweet song with walking leads on guitar and offers up a bit of folk, indie and blues.

The album comes to a close with “The Waiting Game” as keyboards keep the pace and melody of the single along with Dasher’s voice and ascending guitars.

Overall, this is a pretty good first release for the young and very ambitious guitar player. Dasher is a melting pot of a variety of influences that you’ll hear on this record He could very well be the next John Mayer for all we know.

In A Word: Melodious