Kevin Devine: Between The Concrete & Clouds

Kevin Devine decided to bring in a full band for his sixth release, Between The Concrete & The Clouds. The Goddamn Band truly enhances and expands Devine’s rich, harmonious acoustic guitar playing and vocals to make his latest release top-notch.

“Sleepwalking Through My Life” provides a tune for those down days where everything goes wrong. However, the steady drum and tambourine reminds the listener that life goes on. The fourth cut, “Awake In The Dirt,” incorporates an interesting enunciating pattern as well as slightly raspy vocals and hand-claps. The track also has more of a political message.

Between The Concrete & Clouds takes a haunting turn with “11-17.” The combination of the moving composition and Devine’s sincere and heartbreaking tone makes it a standout song on the disc. Lasting less than two minutes, “Wait Out The Wreck” brings up the mood with its drama-free lyrics, while Devine reinforces that he wants negativity kept away from him. One of my personal favorites is “The City Has Left You,” a classy way to point out someone’s flaws over buoyant guitars.

Between The Concrete & Clouds is different, yet something that Kevin Devine fans will not be disappointed with. The album itself is something that can be listened to over and over again without getting old.

In A Word: Pleasing