Southern Culture On The Skids: Zombified

Southern Culture On The Skids is a rock trio from Chapel Hill, NC, made up of Rick Miller, Dave Hartman and Mary Huff. In 1998 the band released the original, Zombified record in Australia as an eight-song EP via Monkey-Dog records. Now they’re back to re-release the album in the U.S. with the addition of five new tracks. According to the band, the 13-track disc pays homage to the ‘60s and ‘70s horror and exploitation films. It is the perfect must-have for this year’s Halloween party playlist.

Witches cackle in the darkness of “She’s My Witch,” brewing a melting pot of what this album is about: Funny bone blues with a dash of salty surf rock and slow-cookin’ rockabilly. Songs like “Zombified,” “Undertaker,” “Swamp Thang,” “Bloodsucker” and “Idol With The Glowing Eyes” will get your guests up to boogie on down for a bewitchin’ good time.

Instrumental tracks include “Sinister Purpose,” a Creedence Clearwater Revival cover, “Bat’s Are Sleeping,” a noisey track with the sound of pulsating bat wings, and “The Creeper,” a straight up bluesy rock jam out session.

“Devil’s Stomping Ground,” “Eyeball You Later” and “Primitive” all boast delightfully sinful melodies with humorous lyrics. No matter what, this album doesn’t let up.

In A Word: Contagious