Cobra Skulls: Agitations

Agitations, the latest release from Cobra Skulls, is the band’s first full-length release on Fat Wreck Chords and their third full-length album. The disc contains short, topical and energetic tunes to get the listener thinking and moving. The album opens up with “Six Degrees,” which shows off the contrasting vocal styles of the harsh Devin Peltra and the soothing Adam Beck.

The relatively happy sounding release takes a turn for the dark side with “All Drive.” The sinister instrumentation provides a feeling of needing to get out, and fast. “Drones” starts off on a light foot until Luke Swarm turns his airy cymbals from the beginning into crashing waves to cue the chaos. The cut reverts back to the relaxing beginning again before blowing back up with fast-paced guitars, bass and drums. “The Minimum” expresses the struggles of barely affording to live with a guitar and bass duel, blaring drums and in-your-face vocals.

The final tune on Agitations shows off a different side to Peltra’s vocal abilities and emphasizes Beck’s harmonious voice. The acoustic “Believe” brings Agitations to a close with aspirations for the future and drums to lead the listener to start thinking for themselves and creating change.

In A Word: Motivational