Arch/Matheos: Sympathetic Resonance

Branching off from the progressive metal band Fates Warning is the brand new quintet Arch/Matheos. Led by ex-Fates Warning singer John Arch, as well as the current guitarist for the group, Jim Matheos, these two have completed a full-length album together for the first time since 1986.

John Arch’s dynamic voice carries you through the first listing, “Neurotically Wired.” The 11-minute track starts out a bit sluggish while John sings about God, but loud, aggressive guitars come out and play mid-way through, making it a hard rocker overall. “Midnight Serenade” is probably the catchiest song on the album, as the chorus is simply flawless. Mimicking Dream Theater, “Stained Glass Sky” is a complex tune. Matheos and Frank Aresti spend much of the song battling each other with guitar solos while Bobby Jarzombek keeps the pace on drums.

“On The Fence” is powered by John’s gifted voice as well as Joey Vera’s heavy bass, which makes for a great combination. The most melodic song, “Any Given Day (Strangers Like Me),” takes you on a journey while the band seems to include a bit of everything. Rounding out the disc is “Incense And Myrrh.” Acoustic guitars are played and while it begins soft, it turns into a very mysterious yet upbeat track.

Being that this is the first full-length disc that John Arch has worked on in 25 years, I was curious to hear what he sounds like now. The man hasn’t lost it at all and is back to putting out some superb songs. Six tracks later and lasting just shy of an hour, Sympathetic Resonance is a masterpiece and a must-own for fans of Dream Theater, Symphony X or Fates Warning.

In A Word: Amazing