This Time Next Year: Drop Out Of Life

This Time Next Year are out to bring back the old days where pop-punk had meaning and bands like New Found Glory and Blink-182 were kings. With each track on Drop Out Of Life, the band’s first full-length, the listener can feel the honesty and connection within the lyrics that Pete Downdalls sings.

The title track, “Drop Out Of Life” (perhaps a reference to a lyric by the stoner metal band Sleep) is a burst of energy complete with vocals that bring back that community feel that gets crowds singing along at shows. “Better Half” starts with a strong and sleek guitar riff that bleeds into heartfelt lyrics about the importance of being there for those who are important to you. Although dark in theme and sound, “Modern Love Song” still keeps the ball rolling as far as keeping the listener entertained and charged up. The guitar tones, vocals, drums and bass all blend together to emphasize the heartfelt angst that the song emits.

James Jalili’s booming drums kick-start “Get It, Got It, Good,” a song that has more of a hardcore sound than the rest of the album. In this tune, Travis Pacheco plays a swoon-worthy bass groove; if your heart doesn’t flutter a bit when you hear it, then there’s something wrong with you. The album closes with moody guitars and drums with the ballad “This Is An Airport Train.” The track, which puts emphasis on not waiting around, reinforces the album’s main theme of living life for oneself and not holding back. There are also two hidden tracks on the release as well to make the cut count a lucky 13.

For their full-length, This Time Next Year executed the pop-punk sound of the old days while providing an edge of their own to keep it fresh.

In A Word: Real