Misfits: The Devil’s Rain

Well, it looks like Jerry Only has brought back the Misfits from the dead just in time for Halloween.

You can hear Only’s deep and dark voice start out the thunderous title track, “The Devil’s Rain.” I really like Jerry’s sound on this tune, especially when it’s combined with the backing vocals from guest musician/producer Ed Stasium. “Land Of The Dead,” the first single off the CD, has that special type of horror punk feeling to it that we’ve become accustomed to since the band’s inception. The upbeat drums from new drummer Eric “Chupacabra” Arce are definitely worth noting, particularly on this track. Dez Cadena, the guitarist who replaced Jerry’s younger brother, Doyle, back in 2001, is the primary reason why “Father” is a pretty badass tune.

Unfortunately, the album doesn’t have too many high points. For instance, “Curse Of The Mummy’s Hand” drags the same simple beat throughout the entire song. The ninth listing, “Dark Shadows,” kind of sounds like a toned-down pop version of U2’s “Vertigo.” “Jack The Ripper” is a track that seems completely rushed. On “Where Do They Go” my jaw dropped. I don’t know if Only was trying to sound like Elvis or what but do yourself a favor and pass over that song. The disc does end with a fairly decent tune, however, with “Death Ray.”

I could be wrong but I really don’t think too many Misfits fans are going to fall in love with The Devil’s Rain. It just feels like the band has kind of lost that unique horror sound that people have adored for so long and it’s a letdown considering it took nearly a decade to hear some new Misfits.

In A Word: Disappointing