I Decline: Time To Shine

The multi-talented five-piece band I Decline, from Chicago, has finally released their third studio album, Time To Shine. Eight years removed from their 2002 CD, The Ides Of Riffdom, I Decline’s new disc is well worth 40-plus minutes of your time. Time To Shine isn’t the heaviest album you’ll come across but the stoner punk band will leave you craving more.

You can tell from the opening track, “Time To Shine,” that these guys love jamming and head-banging. Though the drums seem to rush the song a bit, it’s still a kickass introduction to the CD. While I can’t decide which song from the album is the best, the bass-heavy “Radiation Day” is probably my favorite. It’s not the most complex tune as the melody stays the same throughout, but the vocals from Pat McLaughlin and John “Dole” Doyle really impressed.

The fourth listing, “A New Nation,” is another all-around great track. The smooth guitars and emotional lyrics are both great, especially when they sing the lines, “I need a light/I’ve gotta go/I wanna intervention for my soul.” Featuring many striking riffs, “Karma” and “Your Name In Blood” are probably the heaviest songs on the album, not to mention how angry they are in their own unique ways. “World Burning Down” is the track that really caught my attention. The chorus is extremely catchy, the dark vocals are fiery and the guitar solos are also staggering. “Jericho” is much softer than most of the tunes presented but I was okay with the brief change in feel.

This album really caught me by surprise. This band is filled with talent and I know that I will be awaiting their next release. I just really hope that it doesn’t take another eight years to come out.

In A Word: Rifftacular