Jane’s Addiction: The Great Escape Artist

It’s been eight years since Jane’s Addiction released a studio album. Many obstacles haven’t made it easy either in their 26-year career, which has been filled with break-ups, reunions and an countless solo projects, addictions and relapses. But now it’s all water under the bridge for the alternative rock icons as they are preparing to release their newest body of work, The Great Escape Artist.

Perry Farrell sounds off the opener, “Underground,” by rhythmically staging the melody with a one-liner. Meanwhile, shuffling drum beats by Steven Perkins and echoing guitar lines by Dave Navarro come in as they carry on the song’s ultimate groove.

Timeless Jane’s Addiction sounds fill this record, but the band also introduces a fresh new twist of synths and computer programming that accompany guitar with the help from TV On The Radio member David Andrew Sitek, who also performs on bass alongside Chris Chaney. “End To The Lies” effectively layers synths and samples with chunky guitar chords.

Sticks bouncing on the rim of a snare drum along with Perry’s voice open “Irresistible Force.” Synths and keys help build their number one hit, giving off a presence of something much more powerful. It could very well be used for an extraterrestrial movie soundtrack.

There’s no doubt Jane’s Addiction’s music has evolved from 1984 to now. After all, the alternative rock music scene has changed a great deal breaking into new realms. But they’ve done a great job with their newest release by providing fans with the familiar sound of Farrell’s voice and Navarro’s melancholy guitar parts while amping it up a bit with creative installments of electronic music.

In A Word: Evolving