This November, John Fogerty, frontman of classic rock legends Creedence Clearwater Revival, will be holding multiple performances in the city dedicated to some of the many beloved albums from his times in CCR. On Nov. 17 and Nov. 18, Fogerty will be at The Beacon Theatre showcasing tracks from Creedence’s hit albums Cosmo’s Factory and Green River, playing each in its entirety. Not only will the music awaken nostalgia, the theatre itself will be dressed up to look like it’s 1970. Tickets for each start at $74, shows are at 8 p.m.

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  1. Jensen Lee

    It’s a tribute to his talent that when John Fogerty was writing those early “swamp rock” classics like “Proud Mary” with CCR, he had yet to travel to the South; they were written in El Cerrito, CA. Rockaeology at tells how John wrote “Proud Mary”; it was his ecstatic reaction to receiving an honorable discharge from the Army Reserve that started the lyrics flowing. When he first came up with the title, “Mary” was to be the maid of a rich household. “Rollin’ on the river” was inspired by the paddle wheelers in an old Will Rogers movie.


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