Dub Trio: IV

With their latest album, Dub Trio takes the classic dub style and put their heavy metal, electronic and punk spin on it. IV opens up with “En Passant,” a track that begins with drums and guitars that convey the feeling of being creeped up on. It ends with messy guitar tones and the same pulsating kick drum from the beginning. With its distorted guitar and spastic arrangement, “Noise” brings a fresh breath of chaos to the release. Though some may not enjoy the messiness of the tune, fear not because it is the shortest one on IV.

“Control Issues Controlling Your Mind” starts out at a low volume and then bursts into its full potential. The two brief moments of silence clear a path for the heavy bass line that comes thumping through and the incredibly distorted guitar. Though most of the cuts on IV lean more on the heavier side, “Ends Justify The Means” is an electronic treat that adds variety to the release. During the fifth piece, the bass really starts to stand out and can be felt more than heard. “1:1.618” is another mold-breaking track on IV. Though the track consisted of clanking pipes and sound effects it gave the album a spacey, imaginative feel. The final number on IV, “Thousand Mile Stare,” starts off with an eerie feel due to the music box and children laughing, but turns out to be a shrill and soothing finale with brief guitar hits that let the bass shine.

For their fourth studio album, Dub Trio twists and turns the very essence of dub into a

slamming ride of pure power and volume with a few surprises thrown in. Though IV may need a listen or two to fully get into, give it a chance, you’ll be glad you did.

In A Word: Bold