Los Campesinos!: Hello Sadness

Most of Los Campesinos!’s Hello Sadness is upbeat and fun to groove around to, with a few ballads that will touch the soul. The first two tracks seem to have sexual undertones to them, which makes them even more fun to sing along with. However, the cheery “By Your Hand” has some romance sprinkled in along with childlike group vocals to help restore some innocence. “Songs About Your Girlfriend” begins with a classic rock-inspired guitar riff that moves into spiffy glockenspiel and keys set to a fast rhythm. Although its name suggests this tune to be glum, “Hello Sadness,” is relaxed and uptempo. With the loud, persistent thump of the kick drum, the wailing guitar solo and the fluffy hums, how could one not fall for “Hello Sadness?”

The handclaps return and a warm, funky sound comes to the fold in “Life Is A Long Time,” a perfect jam for the summer time. A back-to-basic feel is brought to Hello Sadness through “Hate For The Island.” The beautiful guitar work, soft glockenspiel and natural tone make for a heartwarming narrative that holds its own in the sea of danceable cuts. The ticking of time is just the tip of the iceberg for “To Tundra,” one may find themselves swaying to the chilling track without noticing it. Hello Sadness ends on a depressing note with “Light Leaves, Dark Sees Pt. II.” With its Western blues-styled guitars, it’s hard to imagine someone not being moved by the final tune.

With Hello Sadness ending with a downer, the only thing left to do is hit the play button one more time and dance the blues away.

In A Word: Snazzy