Treefight For Sunlight: A Collection Of Vibrations For Your Skull

Treefight For Sunlight’s A Collection Of Vibrations For Your Skull is an earful of vitamin D from the start. The bright and uplifting songs, complete with high-pitched vocals and experimental pop beats, are simply smile-inducing. However, the background vocals tend to be overpowering at some points throughout the 10-track disc. The euphoric “ahs” and dreamy keys in the mystical and imaginative “A Dream Before Sleep,” leads directly into the tropical, “You And The New World,” which comes complete with tribal drum beats and some handclaps.

The natural vocals on “They Never Did Know,” as well as the galloping guitars make it stand out among the other pieces. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the previous clean cut, the swift, sing-a-long “Facing The Sun” ended up being my favorite number due to the melodies that form a kaleidoscope of colorful sounds. The dramatic keys and messy vocals in “Rain Air” add some clouds to the incredibly bright release and set the mood for the following song. The instrumental “Tambourhinoceros Jam,” which seems to have Middle Eastern-influenced percussion, leaves a subtle, eerie feeling that lingers on until the album is over. The finale, “Time Snatcher,” keeps the exotic tones in the guitars, drums and wind instruments to add a bit more diversity to the whole.

Treefight For Sunlight’s debut album is magical at first listen, however, it begins to lose its wonder as the play button is hit over and over again. In order to truly appreciate and enjoy this piece, give it a break between listens so the sparkle can recharge.

In A Word: Satisfying