Counterparts: The Current Will Carry Us

The Current Will Carry Us, the sophomore album from Ontario’s Counterparts brings bright melodies, intense breakdowns and hopeful messages. Overall the album stresses the need to believe in oneself because the world won’t always be supportive, and other themes like accepting oneself, watching heroes fall and holding on when times get tough. Despite the fairly positive, yet depressing themes of the songs, the instrumental aspect of them will get any listener’s blood moving. The only problem with the execution of the record is that the bass seems a bit drowned out at times, and maybe for an album that focuses on positivity, one less F-bomb wouldn’t hurt.

The building guitars, crashing cymbals and drum rolls in “The Disconnect” helps the passionate cut add suspense for what the rest of the album will bring. In “Optimist,” Counterparts adds diversity to the release with softer melodies against Brendan Murphy’s scratchy vocals, which are the only thing that remains constant throughout the disc. The impressive guitar work, and the outstanding positive vibe makes “Jumping Ship” one of the top tracks on The Current Will Carry Us. The pacing of the drums matched with both the distance and the pacing of the vocals makes “Uncertainty” shine. The final cut is a river of raw emotion flowing with every word that Murphy screams. The sheer pain can be felt through how he strongly he clashes against the mellow harmonies and in his tone.

Counterparts’ introspective sophomore release reinforces that no matter who you are, or what hopeless situation you may be in, everyone is connected through music.

In A Word: Worldly