Disturbed: The Lost Children

A compilation of B-sides and rarities, Disturbed have released their longest album (almost 61 minutes long) to date with The Lost Children. The band kicks off the album in great fashion with “Hell.” David Draiman sings to perfection while Dan Donegan throws in some impressive riffs. The combination makes this a very powerful track. “A Welcome Burden” follows and you can clearly tell that this awesome tune is from their early days when they had songs like “Stupify” and “Down With The Sickness.” An emotional number, “Old Friend” is striking, containing heavy drums from Mike Wengren and smooth basslines from John Moyer.

“Mine” apparently has some deep meaning behind it with a war theme, and this aggressive tune is pretty damn good. Another song that takes you back to the days of 2000’s The Sickness, “God Of The Mind,” is very melodic. Once again, Draiman does a fantastic job singing, this time on a cover of Faith No More’s “Midlife Crisis.” There are some low points on the disc, however, but not too many. For example, “Living After Midnight,” which of course was originally recorded by Judas Priest, was an absolute classic and while the guys seem to be having some fun with it, it’s not the greatest.

If you’re a fan of Disturbed, you will definitely enjoy this collection. The group has announced that due to personal issues going on internally, they will be going on a hiatus in 2012. That being said, it looks like The Lost Children may be the last that we hear from them for a while.

In A Word: Enjoyable