People Get Ready: People Get Ready EP

New York-based People Get Ready have just released their self-titled debut EP. The CD manages to showcase the abilities of the band in just four tracks, each providing a unique twist to People Get Ready’s traditional indie rock sound. This talented quartet has created a simple recording that is made remarkable with intricate retro influences and psychedelic instrumentals.

The group first emerged as a hybrid of both dance and indie genres. Their EP is substantial proof of this reputation. Tracks one and three both serve to be mellow, slow-paced compositions. In both songs, distorted vocals add an eerie effect to their old-school feel. “Uncanny,” the opening track, possesses an intense, funky sound that is strangely relaxing. The background music of “Cathedral” is carefully constructed and contains a constant clapping beat.

In contrast, track two, “Disappear,” introduces the band’s dance influence with a catchy beat. Its slightly repetitive lyrics add to the rhythm of the song while still maintaining their credibility. “Disappear” employs unconventional elements, such as an incessantly clashing tambourine. People Get Ready showcases their fun side with this shorter, less serious track.

This quartet’s self-titled EP ends with “Side Saddle,” a song that encompasses the overall feel of the recording. Its eccentric melody and enticing lyrics show off the band’s talent. People Get Ready have managed to leave an impression in just four tracks, each the perfect fusion of dance and indie that is exceptionally peculiar but still well-constructed.

In A Word: Remarkable