Jason Derülo: Future History

Jason Derülo’s second studio album, Future History, has already infiltrated radio stations with hits “Don’t Wanna Go Home” and “It Girl.” The 12-track CD challenges the simplicity of his first album with its diverse elements and experimentation. Future History stands out because of its varied structure; it includes dance anthems, electronic melodies and retro influences.

The album is substantial proof of Derülo’s remarkable talent. Unlike various other radio stars, the 22-year-old possesses an outstanding singing voice and actually writes his songs himself. Although Future History does utilize AutoTune, it is not due to a lack of talent on Derülo’s part. It merely accentuates the radio-friendly, dance-club vibe that the album emanates.

My single complaint with the CD would be its lack of powerful messages and overall emotion. Though sad, this is the norm for a mainstream pop-album. Future History contains songs fit mostly for the party and clubbing scene, such as upbeat tracks “Don’t Wanna Go Home,” “X” and “Make It Up As We Go.”

However, the added elements of the album accentuate its otherwise stereotypical pop sound. “Pick Up The Pieces” ends with the mystifying sounds of breaking glass. Hit single “It Girl” is slower and driven by acoustic guitars. Inarguably, the best song off Future History is the last. “Dumb” is the sole track in which Derülo clearly conveys emotion. Its distant background music provides it with a unique sound. The vocals are heartfelt and sentimental.

Overall, Jason Derülo’s second album seems to have more potential than his first. Although it lacks thoughtful insights and relatable lyrics, it is eclectic and exploratory. Future History is a funky, fun-loving album that would get any crowd moving.

In A Word: Rhythmic