The Life And Times: No One Loves You Like I Do

The dark and emotive latest release from Illinois’ The Life And Times is truly a late holiday gift. No One Loves You Like I Do blends together spacey yet captivating vocals, crackling drums and solid bass lines to create a disc that is strong and enjoyable from beginning to end.

No One Loves You Like I Do opens up with a steady drumbeat, which sets the anticipation up for Allen Epley’s profound vocals. The chorus of the track is where the action picks up with roaring drums, a shrieking guitar and reverb-filled vocals. After starting off with such a bang, it’s easy to see why No One Loves You Like I Do kept on picking up momentum as each track came and went. A fixed bass groove leads into “Day One,” one of the most lyrically chilling songs on the album. The infatuation with whomever this release is directed at is sick, but in a sweet way.

Although each track is memorable, “Day Eleven” and “Day Ten” shine among the rest. These two have to be paired together because of how they complement one another both emotionally and instrumentally. With the help of a synthesizer, “Day Two” marks a change of pace for the album even though it is one of the final songs. With the slamming drums, guitar and bass changing the tempo, the synth helps the track keep true to the overall mood.

This album truly sets the bar for the following albums of 2012. The Life And Times are on to something. Most releases get tiresome after the second consecutive listen; this just got better and better.

In A Word: Fantastic