The Scarlet Scourge: The Scarlet Scourge EP

The Scarlet Scourge is an up-and-coming Fairfield, NJ, rock group comprised of Carlos Uceda, Alan Squatrito, Derrick Klybash, Bill Loucas and Christopher Casper Carey. They released their self-titled EP this past fall. The group’s moniker is derived from World War II, when lipstick marks on letters to soldiers delayed the delivery process weeks due to the “V-mail” process.

The disc begins nicely with “Related To Van Gogh.” The guitar skills of Klybash are noticeable almost immediately. The guitars paired with the staccato vocals give a very pleasant Latin feel to the track. It gradually builds up quicker and angrier, as exemplified by vocalist Alan Squartrito’s great performance.

“Held Hospice” was the second track off the disc, and it’s just fantastic. The drums are clean, precise, and beautifully syncopated and accompany the yet-again stellar guitar of Klybash. You can’t help but tap your foot a little bit while listening to this track. Following that is “Car Trouble” in which Squartrito sings about how having a car is nothing compared to his lack of a job. It’s a very relatable song in these economic times, and just fun general.

As you could probably tell by now, Derrick Klybash is the star on this disc. From seconds in to “Related To Van Gogh” to the very end of “Cantar y Bailar,” the album’s finale, Klybash melts faces left and right. He’s also the producer, engineer and mixer behind the whole EP.

Klybash isn’t the only one who kicks some ass and takes some names on this disc, though. Each member pulled his weight excellently. The vocal nuances shine throughout, Uceda’s acoustic guitar is excellent on “Held Hospice” and the drums keep your head bobbing. Each part can hold its own separately, but together they compliment each other perfectly, making for a great disc.

In A Word: Electric