Secret Music: Secret Music

Secret Music’s self-titled album is peculiar, eccentric, and daring. With crude lyrics and harsh rock and roll beats, Secret Music has managed to create an original CD that will captivate listeners with its unpredictable tendencies and experimentation.

Track one, “Ghosts In The Graveyard,” has an eerie melody to match its name. Its shrill guitar riffs and distorted vocals have a haunting effect on the song’s overwhelming enthusiasm. The lyrics contain unexpected obscenities and emotional remarks. “Ghosts In The Graveyard” scoffs at the world; the invisibility of ghosts appears to be a metaphor for escaping and never being found.

Secret Music continues this theme of unsettling mystery throughout the rest of the CD, with songs “T.O.Y.S” and “Hard 2 No.” However, perhaps the most prominent example is “Top Drop,” which begins with a sequence of bizarrely distorted beats. Its intricately layered vocals and upbeat instrumentals are significantly more positive than the album’s first track. Halfway through “Top Drop,” the instruments become more distant and the vocals transform into robotic chants. With a loud drumbeat in the background, the overall effect is slightly perplexing. Finally, the song transitions back to its original energetic beat.

Unlike the rest of the album, the ninth track, “Tidal Lunacy,” is slow-paced and emotional. It is a classic rock song with a powerful message—all people were created equal. The soft tempo helps to convey the emotions of distress, frustration, and impatience. Eventually the guitar chords become louder and more ominous, reflecting the singer’s growing awareness of the world’s prejudice. The song then breaks off into a fake news broadcast, where a reporter congratulates the band on this new realization and discovery.

Overall, Secret Music has combined various elements in order to create a mystifying, self-titled album.

In A Word: Experimental