Part Time: What Would You Say

What Would You Say? by Part Time is a psychedelic, funky album characterized by monotone vocals and electronic rhythms. At first, it seemed a little over done, but after a couple of tracks I discovered many of its songs are actually extremely catchy and intricately arranged.

For instance, “I Wanna Take You Out,” is fast-paced and animated. Its clear ‘80s influence and pop-dance beat is addictive and original. The sounds of a tambourine and other eccentric instrumentals accentuate its uniqueness. “Living In Pretend (My Girl Imagination)” sounds almost robotic, with distorted vocals and percussive elements that give it a carefree, feel-good vibe. This vibe is present throughout most of What Would You Say?, creating an upbeat and fun-loving CD.

“She’s Got The Right” and “Riots In The Streets” are examples of this idea. However, they both include their own eclectic aspects that ultimately account for the album’s versatility. “She’s Got The Right” is one of Part Time’s more meaningful tracks, as it tells the story of a relationship gone wrong. It has a slower tempo and is much more relaxed. On the other hand, “Riots In The Streets” is bursting with creativity and energy. The sound of people talking in the beginning perfectly emulates a street protest. Funky guitar chords add to its already enthusiastic spirit.

My sole complaint of Part Time’s newest album would be the song which they named it after. “What Would You Say?” is messy and poorly assembled. It has too many competing elements, including distant, echoing vocals, random chimes, and sporadic drum riffs. The effect was overwhelming and unpleasant. However, minus this one track, Part Time’s What Would You Say is fun, unconventional, and simply enjoyable.

In A Word: Psychedelic