The Kooks: Junk Of The Heart

The Kooks have done it yet again. Their third album, Junk Of The Heart, is catchy and addictive, staying true to their trademark indie-rock sound. While the CD is not significantly innovative or revolutionary, it’s so infectious that it doesn’t even matter.

Junk Of The Heart is mainly upbeat and optimistic. It’s fast-paced and rhythmic, emitting a carefree, feel-good attitude. This jovial feeling is conveyed in the very first track, which happens to be the album’s namesake. “Junk Of The Heart (Happy)” is an energetic song with distinctly retro influences. Its animated guitar sounds and vocals make it the perfect opening to the album. Its lyrics proclaim, “I wanna make you happy/ I wanna make you feel alive” which seems to be the primary purpose of The Kooks’ third album.

The CD is full of similarly captivating tracks. One example is “Rosie,” a repetitive song that speaks of love and youth. Its melodic beat and relatable lyrics guarantee that it will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Additionally, its intricately layered vocals increase the energy that is already radiating from it.

In contrast, Junk Of The Heart also features some slower, more acoustic songs. In track four, “Taking Pictures Of You,” the sound of an acoustic guitar convey the emotions of nostalgia and distress. Halfway through the album, The Kooks add a layer of depth with “Time Above The Earth.” The song is less than two minutes long; it includes the soft sounds of a piano and asks the unsettling question, “Am I really here at all?”

Overall, Junk Of The Heart marks yet another success by The Kooks. Its primarily cheerful attitude is interrupted by a few deep, introspective tracks.

In A Word: Infectious