Hopes Die Last: Trust No One

That mishmash genre of post-hardcore/screamo/metalcore has another contender ready to take over. Hopes Die Last, who hail from Italy, has their sophomore album Trust No One carefully crafted with every element you’ve come to expect from this genre nicely calculated. You can almost predict when breakdowns, low screams and racing guitars will make their mark on each song but in an odd way, I found it a bit comforting.

Their music and clean vocals reminded me of older screamo bands, but here with a twist of metal that updates the sound. Another big update came in only the last track, “Keep Your Hands Off,” which adds dubstep and electro beats. Returning to the opening track, “Never Trust The Hazel Eyed,” you’re hit with a mix of clean and screamed vocals laid over fast guitars and pounding drums. This clearly defines the tone of the album, reaching its heaviest peak with “Unleash Hell.”

“Life After Me Life After You” brings a menacing side to the album and speeding guitars that weave in and out of breakdowns. It stands out from other tracks that turn a bit lukewarm too soon into the listen. Something even odder than an interlude halfway through the album is the inclusion of their cover of Katy Perry’s “Firework,” which I could have done without.

The best moments came at the end of the record, starting with “The Same Old Fears,” which is a slower tune that mixes piano and electro beats and allows the clean vocalist to show off. With “Icarus,” you’re set for it to be another heavy tune, with battling clean and screaming vocals. Halfway through, the music slows down and just takes form underneath fading screams into farewell, reflective vocals. I suggest you take a listen now, because you can just sense you’ll see these boys on tour with the heavyweights of their scene in the near future.

In A Word: Scenester