Skrillex: Bangarang

Skrillex’s fourth EP, Bangarang, revolutionizes the dubstep genre with unique, compelling dance anthems. By utilizing contrasting elements, Skrillex has created a CD that is both energetic and eclectic. Its numerous components do not appear overwhelming; in fact, they establish a feeling of intricacy and originality.

The opening track, appropriately named “Right In,” immediately entices listeners with its robotic noises and the Skrillex trademark—a massive bass drop. It begins with a series of distorted vocals and funky techno beats. “Right In” encompasses the main vibe of the EP—psychedelic and animated. Similarly, songs “The Devil’s Den” and “Right On Time” both cut to the chase with a fast, captivating tempo. Their explosive transitions and repetitive choruses are two of the dubstep artist’s signature characteristics.

With a multitude of elements, the CD’s experimental tendencies are clear from the start; however, a few tracks incorporate even more additional factors. “Breakn’ A Sweat” fuses the sounds of rap, reggae, and pop into one lively recording. The song, which is embellished with a clapping rhythm and abruptly changing melodies, is sheer proof of Skrillex’s ability to be unconventional. It is complete with a short, fitting monologue about how electronics will transform the music scene.

Bangarang is given yet another deep layer with the ballad-like “Summit.” This last track is uncharacteristically laid-back. The soft sounds of Ellie Goulding’s vocals accentuate its serene, peaceful nature. The tune conveys a feeling of pride and accomplishment, conveying the idea of reaching one’s highest point in life. “Summit” provides a unique ending to a primarily fast, upbeat CD.

Skrillex weaves together clever quirks, psychedelic sounds, and disparate influences into an astonishing EP that showcases his unwavering originality. Bangarang is imaginative, creative, and ultimately incomparable.

In A Word: Inventive